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GEOTER F - Reinforcement on compressible soil


Civil engineering structures built on soil with low bearing capacity, clay soil with a high water content or organic soil can be exposed to compaction, due to the compressible nature of the subgrade, or when subjected to a load.

GEOTER® F is a reinforcing geocomposite recommended for extreme applications such as the reinforcement of compressible soil, platforms, road foundations and construction site roads. It helps reduce the effects of compaction.

The reinforcement with low elongation function is provided by the combination of a woven substrate and high-tenacity cables. The separation function is performed by the woven substrate with constant aperture, regardless of the product’s strength, with no risk of clogging.

GEOTER® F has an immediate tensioning feature, allowing it to instantly absorb stress and limit initial deformation.

This product is also suitable for stabilising cavities and reinforcement on rigid inclusion soil.


  • High tenacity with elongation at break inferior to 10%
  • Controlled deformation, even under high strains
  • Controlled filtration function
  • Excellent permeability
  • Product available in long length rolls for optimised installation


Reinforcement Reinforcement
Separation Separation


  • Reinforcing geosynthetic made of high-tenacity polyester by the combination of a woven geotextile (separation function) and high-strength polymer cables (reinforcement function)
  • Roll width: 5.30 m (17.4')
  • Roll length: 70 or 100 m (230' or 328')
  • Tensile strength: up to 2,000 kN/m