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M3S - Retaining wall


The construction of infrastructure sometimes requires developing or creating slopes. The M3S® solution is used to build stable structures over great heights, such as:

        -  Retaining walls
        -  Embankment reinforcement
        -  Protective barriers
        -  Noise barriers
        -  Containment of hazardous products
        -  Urban developments
        -  Stiffening of landfill walls

M3S® consists of a number of geotextile strips stapled together, which make up an alveolar layer. To enhance natural resources, this alveolar layer is used in combination with a filler material which may be any type of soil or compactable aggregates. The reinforcement function is provided by the overlaying of backfilled and compacted alveolar layers.


  • Geotextile suitable for all terrains, even difficult to access
  • Optimal use of natural resources
  • Adapted to great heights
  • Better integration into the landscape, with a range of aesthetic renderings : plant or mineral-like facing, stone masonry or wood
  • Sloping and vertical facing of various shapes : lines, curves, stands, railings, stairs, etc.
  • Easy to install
  • Relatively compact packaging


Reinforcement Reinforcement
Support Support


  • Non-woven needled geotextile made of polyester
  • Colour : green
  • Maximum installation height: 15 m
  • Width: 1.33 m to 4.61 m