Building construction


DRAINTUBE GAS - Contaminated soil remediation and SSD system


Construction of new buildings on old industrial sites with polluted soil or on areas with the potential for elevated indoor radon levels, requires the installation of a sub-slab depressurization (SSD) system as a mitigation system.

Installed below the vapor barrier, the DRAINTUBE® GAS geocomposite is used as part of the SSD system, replacing the granular drainage layer and separation geotextile. It has a high and stable over time drainage capacity, even under heavy loads.

DRAINTUBE® GAS is mechanically connected to the exhaust pipes using the Quick Connect system. It reduces pressure losses and improves the overall SSD system performances. DRAINTUBE® GAS is compatible with active SSD.

Connection to the exhaust pipe using the Quick Connect system

The Quick Connect system connects the mini-pipes of the DRAINTUBE® GAS directly to the collector pipe. This ensures that the overall system is depressurized, and it reduces pressure losses.



  • A proven solution as sub-slab depressurization system
  • Effective gas drainage (LFG, radon, etc.)
  • Compatible with passive and active depressurization systems
  • Reduction of the required excavation and disposal of polluted soils
  • Reduction of the social footprint (less truck traffic, less neighborhood disturbance)
  • Easy installation with a single product to unroll
  • Cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution as it replaces granular layers


Drainage Drainage
Water barrier Water barrier
Waterproofing Waterproofing


  • Multi-linear drainage geocomposite (ASTM D4439)
  • Perforated mini-pipes made of polypropylene
  • 3 diameters of perforated mini-pipes: 16 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm
  • 4 spacing options between the mini-pipes: 2 m, 1 m, 1/2 m and 1/4 m (80’’, 40’’, 20’’, 10’’)
  • Standard roll size: 3.98 m x 75 m (13.1’ x 246’)


Projects completed with DRAINTUBE GAS

Drainage and protection under waterproofing layer

Drainage and protection under waterproofing layer

[Public works]

A22 motorway central reservation - Roncq - Tourcoing (59)
43 000 m2
The waterproof area of the A22 motorway’s central reservation is affected by gas leaks. The DRAINTUBE® FT drainage system was installed to drain gases and guarantee the integrity of the geomembrane.

Subslab depressurization

Subslab depressurization


Railway Maintenance Center - Lachine (Montréal)
10 000 m2
During the construction of a railway maintenance center, a DRAINTUBE® solution was put in place to cope with the rising gases coming from polluted soils.

Radon gas mitigation

Radon gas mitigation


Commercial warehouse building - Edmonton (Canada)
60 000 m2
Rehabilitation of former industrial sites can be subjected to a radioactive gas, radon, which presents a health risk to the occupants. DRAINTUBE GAZ has been used to allow sub-slab depressurization and to prevent radon gas from rising.