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ALVEODRAIN EV - Protection and drainage of buried walls


The stagnation of infiltrated water in contact with buried walls can compromise the longevity of the buildings. A protection of the foundations with a drainage system is then imperative.

ALVEODRAIN® EV quickly drains infiltrated water, limits hydraulic pressure, and prevents any accumulation of water on the foundations: parking lots, basements, engineering structures, commercial buildings, retaining walls, etc.

In addition to drainage, ALVEODRAIN® EV offers mechanical protection of the wall and avoid any damage when backfilling.

ALVEODRAIN® EV combines the three functions: filtration, drainage and mechanical protection in a single product and a single installation.


  • Effective drainage of infiltrated water
  • Filtration geotextile that prevents the migration of fines into the product
  • Soft, flexible, very robust material, adapting to the unevenness of the foundation
  • Can be laid on any surface horizontally and vertically
  • Mechanical protection of the waterproofing (if any)
  • Easy to install, does not require specialized equipment or labor
  • Cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution as it replaces granular layers


Drainage Drainage
Filtration Filtration
Mechanical protection Mechanical protection


  • Polypropylene geocomposite
  • Roll width : 1.10 m
  • Roll length : 50 m
  • Roll weight : 34 kg

Projects completed with ALVEODRAIN EV

Drainage and protection of buried walls

Drainage and protection of buried walls

[Building Construction]

Office building - Bois Colombes (92) - 1500 m

Drainage and protection geocomposite : ALVÉODRAIN® F was recommended to waterproof partly buried offices and drain infiltrated water.